3D Areola and Nipple Tattooing Procedure

Surgeries can leave scars on your breasts, and we are here to help with our 3D Areola Procedure (Micropigmentation Treatment)

3D Areola Tattoo Procedure

3D Areola Procedure is to restore your Breast after surgery. We add pigment under the skin through nipple tattooing to correct and restore areas that have been altered through Breast surgery.

Our goal is to diffuse your scars, enhance your appearance, correct symmetry, and restore areola and nipple color back to its natural color.

Our consultations and areola procedure are discreet and personal. We do require a consultation prior to your procedure so that we can learn about you as well as determine the color, skin type and pigments to be used for your individual case.


Innovative Permanent Cosmetics 3D Areola Tattooing is used to complete and restore your breasts back to their natural state after surgery caused by mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemotherapy, or trauma.

Nipple Tattoo Areola Mapping Areola Color Mapping

TheĀ first part is a consultation. Our consultations and areola procedure are discreet and personal. We require a consultation prior to your procedure so that we can determine the color, skin type and pigments to be used for your individual case.

We can then schedule your procedure date, a deposit is required before procedure!


The areola area is numbed using a topical ointment, this will keep you comfortable during the procedure. We use a special tattooing machine to apply the pigment (color) into the dermal layer of your skin. This procedure is also known as Micropigmentation. The 3D areola tattoo procedure can take up to an hour or more.

Please note: Individual results may vary. You must allow up at least 4 to 6 weeks for healing, and you cannot determine full results until area is healed. At your follow up appointment, it will be determined if a touch up is necessary to add more pigments to the area, for some people the pigment may not "hold' as well due to the skin (some people have tough thick skin). Remember, you cannot not determine end result of procedure immediately after appointment. Please adhere to the after care instructions that are given to you at the end of your appointment, by failing to follow the aftercare instructions may result is poor color retention and a longer healing process.


A second appointment is needed 4-12 weeks after your first treatment. This is usually a 30-60 minute appointment to add more pigment to the area. This is because as the area is healing, some parts may not ‘hold’ as well as others and you may have a few patches that need more color. This is completely normal and everyone heals differently. Whatever the case, we advise you always come back.

Because everyone heals differently, touch-ups will vary between clients. We provide complete aftercare instructions for you to heal properly.


What is a touch-up, and do I need one?

Often the tattooed color is not perfect after the initial procedure heals. Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process and at least one follow-up to the initial procedure should be scheduled. It is recommended that any required detail work to the original procedure be performed no sooner than four weeks after the original procedure. The minimum standard for follow-up detail work for lip procedures is six weeks. Lips have a different healing agenda than procedures performed on other parts of the face due to their delicate nature. The cited time frames will vary depending on the health profile and age of the client, but these are good minimum standards for consideration.

Do the pigments pose allergy problems?

People can develop an allergy to anything, anytime; however, pigment allergies are considered rare. Some doctors recommend that people with environmental allergies or allergies to conventional makeup have permanent cosmetic procedures because they can replace cosmetic products that people are sensitive to. While allergic reactions to any type of tattooing pigments on the body or on the face through permanent cosmetics may occur at any point in time, they are extremely rare. Ask your technician if their pigments meet their local jurisdictional requirements. Also, SPCP pigment suppliers are required to list the ingredients on their pigment labels.


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