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Nancy Cacia IPC

Nancy Cacia RT, R, N, MR, CNMT, D.A.A.M., owner of Innovative Permanent Cosmetics, has an extensive 20 plus years in the medical field.

My passion is to restore the face and body you once had, and reverse the effects of time, illness, surgery, or medicine. I use my dual background in the medical field and as a trained artist to create a natural and seamless effect, using a variety of different techniques, so no one but you and I will know you have Permanent Makeup. I am a member of SPCP, and always attend their conferences to keep up on the latest breakthroughs and equipment.

My work with Innovative Permanent Cosmetics has been featured in the Gloucester County Times:

For Cacia, it’s just one more way to give back.
“Being in the health care field, I always see the bad side of health care. But now I can actually give back,” Cacia said. “It’s such a gratifying experience.”
Cacia has since started her own practice, Innovative Permanent Cosmetics, which is just getting off the ground. She hopes to partner up with plastic surgeons to provide her services.
Beauchemin said she is beaming with pride over how Cacia journeyed to being part of the healing process for others.
“I can’t look at her without hugging her,” Beauchemin said.
-Melissa DiPento
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